Hybrid Cloud war Continues:IBM, EMC, Cisco and…

Enterprise customers are seeking to move workloads to the public cloud while keeping more critical data on-premise. This combination is known as a ‘hybrid cloud,’ and Gartner and Pacific Crest Securities expects it to become the majority of enterprise deployments by 2017, per Gartner. Gartner also forecasts that 72 percent of enterprises will be pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy this year, with $84B hybrid Cloud market size by 2019.


 It is important for companies to leverage multiple models while maintaining consistent management across their cloud platforms, and giving options and choices to customers so that they can leverage their existing investment on on-premise, and build on power of cloud. I think most big IT players are recognizing it.

Amazon continues to lead this space with a 28% market share, followed by Microsoft and IBM with a 10% and 7% share, respectively, per reports from IDCs. In the dominance of AWS, Microsoft Azure continues to build its hybrid cloud muscle, but it is interesting to see the growth of other key players in Open stack world.

IBM Acquired Bluebox, Private Cloud provider built on OpenStack to make it easier for customers to move to data and applications across clouds and adopt hybrid cloud environments. Blue Box provides businesses with a private cloud as a service platform based on OpenStack, and provide access to public, dedicated and local cloud infrastructures. This acquisition will provide a single management tool for OpenStack-based IBM/ Bluebox private clouds.

Cisco is not sitting silence, and watching the game. They have Piston Cloud (Intercloud) in their portfolio.

EMC acquired Virtustream to complement its Cloudscaling acquisition on mission-critical applications like SAP business applications/ SAP HANA for the enterprises. EMC could position itself as a strong player in the expanding public cloud infrastructure market by having Virtustream in its portfolio.

How do you envision this cloud war, year from now?


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